Dr. Bill Henderson is the head pastor and founder of Remnant Gathering Church (RGC). Hungry for revelation in his own life, Dr. Bill studies and prays in the Spirit for at least 12 hours before he preaches the Word of God – with signs and wonders following, praise Jesus! A revivalist and evangelist who has an apostolic mantle with a prophetic mouthpiece to the nations, Dr. Bill is sold out to the work of the Holy Spirit, determined to do “only what He says to do” and to say “only what He says to say.” He knows the power of teamwork, and is always willing to link arms with local pastors and outreach ministries (Psalm 133) to activate Believers to win the lost, and to advance the Kingdom of God in their cities.

Since the 1980s, Dr. Bill has been a regular guest minister on TBN, Daystar TV, World Harvest TV, and many other Christian TV, radio, and internet stations. In these broadcasts, at home and abroad, it is his delight to share videos from local street outreaches and soul-winning events.

Dr. Bill was part of John Jacob’s original, seven-man Power Team, which used displays of physical strength and agility as the “hooks” to get people’s attention in order to present the gospel and introduce them to Jesus Christ. Dr. Bill ministered with the Power Team around the globe for over a decade and facilitated starting other Power Teams at home and abroad.

Dr. Bill’s first book, God’s Radical Remnant, inspires Believers to win souls for the Kingdom. Full of real-life stories, this book demonstrates the glory and power of God that is available, when a person is sold out to Jesus.

Due to be published in 2017, Dr. Bill’s newest book, Secrets for the Seeker, is the culmination of 39 years of ministry. In Secrets, God’s mandate to Dr. Bill – “Teach others what I’ve taught you” – has led to a longer, more in-depth manuscript. In this book, Dr. Bill not only shares fresh revelations from scripture – aka Secrets -- but also he illustrates each secret with a story from his own life and nearly 40 years of ministry.

Dr. Bill is writing a sequel to Secrets, called Soul-winning Secrets for the Seeker. God’s mandate in this book is to instruct Believers in the art of everyday evangelism, how to allow God to work through you, to lead the lost into reconciliation with their Creator. A “sneak preview” to this sequel will be included in The Keepsake Edition of Secrets for the Seeker, which also debuts in 2017.

Dr. Bill has established churches in the U.S. and overseas. Everywhere God takes him, he raises up evangelistic teams to go to the streets to win souls, and help populate the local church. Some of the churches he started, and many of the churches where he’s trained evangelistic teams, have become mega-churches. 

Dr. Bill has ministered in Canada, Israel, Australia, India, Indonesia, Thailand, Myanmar, Japan, Haiti, Mexico, Scotland, Norway, Jamaica, Brazil, Jordan, the Bahamas, the Philippines, and almost every major city in the United States.

As the “Pastor for Disaster,” Dr. Bill brings food, water, and needed resources to suffering people. Dr. Bill and his team ministered “boots on the ground” after Hurricane Katrina, Hurricane Rita, Hurricane Ike, and Hurricane Sandy (all in the U.S.), and after Cyclone Narqis in Burma and Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines. He headed-up disaster teams after tornadoes in Oklahoma, earthquakes in Mexico, the earthquake and tsunami in Japan, the earthquake and mud slides in Indonesia, and the storms, floods, and massive earthquake in Haiti.



DR Gloria Lechuega

DR Gloria Lechuega has been a valuable member of Dr. Bill’s team for decades and is RGC’s Chief Intercessor and faithful volunteer. She has prayed Dr. Bill and his team through many harrowing experiences on the mission field, and also whenever God tells her to intercede for them, wherever they are. As a young adult, DR Gloria had a personal encounter with Jesus Christ at a time when she had been undergoing many trials and had pressed into God, seeking that “very present source of help in times of trouble.” Jesus did not let her down – and she has loved Him and served Him with her whole heart, ever since.


Jimbo met Dr. Bill in the early ‘80s, during a Christian conference in Southern California. It was a divine connection. As a soul-winning street evangelist, Bill was giving away hundreds of gospel tracts every week. (Yes, hundreds.) And he needed someone to keep him well-supplied with tracts! A successful business man, Jimbo had been asking God to introduce him to a radical, on-fire evangelist whom he could support. They hit it off the day they met, and Jimbo has kept Dr. Bill in a steady supply of gospel tracts, ever since. Frequently, Jimbo accompanies Dr. Bill on his soul-winning and preaching road trips, around the U.S. and Canada.


Pastor Louie Sciortino

Louie Sciortino is a pastor, worship leader, and psalmist who moves with specific words of knowledge in the prophetic. As one of the newest members of the RGC team, he has already hit the road with Dr. Bill, tag-teaming with him in evangelistic and ministry events, both scheduled and unscheduled. PTL, souls get saved everywhere they go! This year, Pastor Louie and Dr. Bill are soon to birth another home gathering in the greater Los Angeles area. Stay tuned! Louie, his wife Linda, and their grown children are all firmly established Believers and role models to the body of Christ.